Tuesday, July 8, 2008

12 - radiology mcqs - 51 to 60

51q: 45 year old female presents with fracture of femur following trivial fall. Investigations show multiple sclerotic skeletal metastasis with pathological frx of the right femur.the most common carcinoma in this clinical picture is ?

  1. ca ovary
  2. ca breast
  3. ca endometrium
  4. ca pancreas

answer : b .

52q: which of the following is the most specific and sensitive screening test for renovascular hypertension ?

Answer : duplex Doppler flow study .

53q: a dense persistent nephrogram may be seen in all except ?

  1. acute ureteral obstruction
  2. systemic hypertension
  3. severe hydronephrosis
  4. dehydration

answer : b .

54q: a young man with TB presents with massive recurrent hemoptysis . for angiographic treatment which of the following vessels should first be evaluated ?

  1. pulmonary artery
  2. bronchial artery
  3. pulmonary vein
  4. superior vena cava

answer : b .

55q: a nodular lesion on chest x ray with all of the following features suggest malignancy except ?

  1. umbilicated margins
  2. central cavitation
  3. diffuse calcification
  4. peripheral calcification

answer : d .

56q: unilateral small smooth kidney is seen in ?

  1. reflux nephropathy
  2. lobar infarction
  3. renal artery stenosis
  4. chronic glomerulonephritis

answer : renal artery stenosis .

57q: on a chest radiograph , a double shadow behind the heart , signs of aspiration pneumonia and absence of air in stomach is suggestive of ?

  1. aneurysm of thoracic aorta
  2. achalasia
  3. carcinoma esophagus
  4. peptic ulcer (stomach)

answer : b .

58q: what minimal amount of pleural space fluid is seen on x ray chest ?

Answer : 150 ml

59q: fraying and cupping of metaphyses of long bones in a child does not occur in ?

  1. rickets
  2. lead poisoning
  3. metaphyseal dysplasia
  4. hypophosphatasia

answer: lead poisoning .

60q: extensive pleural thickening and calcification especially involving the diaphragmatic pleura are classical features of ?

Answer : asbestosis .

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