Thursday, April 2, 2009

18 - AIIMS june 1999 radiology mcqs with answers

1q: a lady has a lytic lesion in X-ray of the upper end of humerus . the diagnosis is ?

a. osteosarcoma
b. unicameral bone cyst
c. osteoclastoma
d. osteochondroma

2q: the radiological hallmark of osteosarcoma is ?

a. soap bubble appearance
b. sun ray appearance
c. osteoid formation of neoplastic cells
d. cotton wool appearance

3q: intracavitary radiotherapy is used in the treatment of ?

a. carcinoma stomach
b. carcinoma cervix
c. carcinoma oesophagus
d. carcinoma renal cell

4q: X-ray shows soap bubble appearance in ?

a. neuroblastoma
b. cystic lymphangiectasis
c. meconium ileus
d. multiple cystic kidney

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